Before calling the practice, you can also use digital channels to see if you can handle your complaints yourself. Even if you are wondering whether you should go to your GP for a complaint. These are examples of digital self-triage:
If the GP considers this necessary, he/she can also schedule a consultation with you via video calling (if you cannot/may not come to the practice). You will receive a link by e-mail that you can open on your computer (with webcam).
You can consult the doctors via the patient portal by means of an e-consultation, you will receive a response within 2 working days. This form of consultation is primarily intended for relatively simple, non-urgent questions. You must register once for the patient portal with the assistant because we have to establish your identity with certainty.

For non-medical matters you can email to:

Bij Spoed!

Huisarts: 043-3219608

Ambulance: 112