Repeat Prescription

Requesting a Repeat Prescription

You can request repeat prescriptions by using the form on our website or by selecting option 2 in the selection menu, which is available day and night.

  1. Call 043-3219608
  2. Leave your name and date of birth after the beep.
  3. Then leave the name, dose, and use of the medicine.
  4. Finally, mention the name of your pharmacy.

For new medicines that have not been prescribed by us before, please contact the doctor’s assistants.

Any and all information you fill out in our forms will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Note: A repeat prescription can be collected from the pharmacy 2 business days after the day of request or delivered after 2 business days at the latest. Emergency prescriptions and new medication can, of course, be delivered to or collected from the pharmacy the same day.

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    Requesting a Repeat Prescription

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